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Full Service Distributor

Do you want to have your business being represented as in your own country? Then this is the full sevice your are looking for. As from the initial contact we will start a intense dialogue to get a better understanding of your company and its vision. This in order to represent your company and brand in a professiona way.

A real extension of your organisation in another region.

Semi Service Distributor (Agency)

Perhaps you are looking for a agent kind of partnership

We have the contact and cab setuot he partnership and the oprational aspect being ccoverd by the brand owner directly to the customers. Also in this case you can expect that we will take along and show ownership, only not all aspects arre being covered by us.

Consultancy Service

Sometimes you just want to explore if it is wise to penetrate a new region, In order determin if a exooansion to the Benelux market is interesting, you probably are in need of a better understanding how this markets and its dynamics works. Then you can consult us.

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